Price: $50

Seller: Rob
State: Arkansas
City: Austin
Zip code: 78738
Type: Animals

Toby is a 100lb. (fit) 5-1/2 year old Yellow Lab.. Vaccinations current. Microchipped. Is yellow in color but has the features of a Chocolate. Looking for an ideal home for him.
This is not an indoor dog. Telling it like it is - if you leave him inside he will get inside your trash, or other food he can get ahold of, while you're gone. Other than the previous 6 weeks, I have owned Toby from the time we was several weeks old. You must be good with, and experienced with, dogs, in the sense of being able to be a leader; if you're not confident in your leadership Toby will be overbearing and disobedient and "walk all over you". Conversely, he's a very passive and sweet dog and loves the company of other dogs. Toby is best suited to have another dog, ideally his size, outdoors - a sprawling backyard is even better.
This is my second and last attempt to find the right home for Toby. I thought I found the right home for him 6 weeks ago, despite what was a bad match on paper; I received a call from the Town Lake Animal Shelter after he was dropped off by the previous owners (since Toby is microchipped, shelters are required to call the owner that's registered w/the chip.)
Toby is currently at a kennel - he was taken out of the shelter as I want to guide the adoption. I can give a longer, more detailed explanation of why the last owners gave him up, on request, but suffice for now that Toby was getting into their trash and the primary caregiver was incapable of managing Toby, who was always indoors.
The reason for my quest to find Toby a new home is financial straits have led me to living in a home where a large, overbearing dog is not compatible. However, if I don't find the right match for Toby, I will move out and keep him.
Email me if interested.